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Epoxies along with other polymer-based systems, make it possible to have many of today’s most common household and industry items. Epoxy adhesive systems have been in common use in industry for many years. It is also sold in hardware stores as a repair adhesive for home applications too.

So what separates epoxies from traditional wood or resin glues? There are two important differences, beside the chemistry behind the cure processes.

 First, there is no negligible shrinkage, making epoxies an adhesive able to bond under low pressure and exhibit filler characteristics. Traditional wood or resin wood type glues have to be clamped under significant pressure to obtain proper adhesion. These types of adhesives use a carrier, which usually is either water or a solvent. In order for the system to work the carrier has to leave (flash off or evaporate), what is left behind is what actually creates the bond. As a result there is shrinkage in the joint.

Second, epoxies are able to bond dissimilar types of materials easily with great strength. They are able to bond wood to metal, glass to foam, glass to metal, leather to foam, carbon graphite to metal, leather to wood, wood to wood and even repair certain plastics. Epoxies are one of the most flexible glue systems and tool available for industry/home use today.

With literally thousands of applications, there is not much that cannot be glued, fixed, repaired or built with a epoxy product with proper surface preparation. If in doubt regarding a repair project or application, feel free to email us or give us a call for advice on your epoxy adhesive needs.


Clear Paste

Product Taxidermy Uses: Fish fin backing, repairing fish fins, installing ear liners, installing artificial heads and jaw sets, mannequin and general repairs.


#30 Liquid

A slow curing multi-purpose epoxy resin that is excellent for laminating wood, metal, laying fiberglass cloth, and masonry repairs.