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#30 Liquid

A slow curing multi-purpose epoxy resin that is excellent for laminating wood, metal, laying fiberglass cloth, and masonry repairs.
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Description Epo-Grip #30 Liquid epoxy is an all purpose slow curing low viscosity adhesive, specially formulated for multiple applications. #30 Liquid is an excellent laminating adhesive for wood, metal, laying fiberglass cloth and masonry repairs. It also can be used as a binding adhesive for concrete re-surfacing, a prime/tack coat for other repair materials. With its low viscosity it is an excellent penetrating sealer for dry concrete, and wet/dry concrete grout. It is easily injected into cracks either by gravity or pressure injection it is water displacing.

Cure times vary depending upon use and application. Initial cure is dependent on ambient temperature and application thickness. The working time of a 100 gram mass is approximately 30 minutes at 75 degrees F. For best results 24 hours is recommend. Cure times can be accelerated with the use of a heat lamp. If laying fiberglass cloth apply subsequent coats or layers within 72 hours.

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