Model Diorama Adhesive

Product Uses: This product is used in the creation of hobby habitat scenes or dioramas.
Description Building scenes has never been so quick and easy! Epo-Grip Model Diorama Adhesive is designed for the building of scale model scenery and dioramas. With its superior adhesive properties this product bonds to wood, styrofoam, carbon, fiberglass, forestry products, metal, and composite building materials. This two part adhesive mixes up to a non sag consistency up to 3/16” in thickness, allowing its use in vertical and inverted applications. With an initial of cure of 4-6 hours, it is possible to create scenes and dioramas from start to finish in an afternoon.

To make a scene or diorama, choose the supplies you wish to use to create your scene. Since it is styrofoam safe one can create mountains, hills, and rock formations with any type of styrofoam. Carve your styrofoam to the desired shape. Once shaping and carving is complete, glue the carved Styrofoam block in the desired position with Epo-Grip Clear Paste (7-10 min cure).

Next, mix a little Epo-Grip Model Diorama Adhesive and coat the attachment points of chosen foliage, trees, wood, buildings, telephone poles, fences, etc……… Push or insert these items into the styrofoam in the desired position. Now mix enough Epo-Grip Model Diorama Adhesive, (tint to a base color if desired) to lightly coat, the exposed foam, places where ground cover is desired. Butter the foam, like one would frost a cake, with the mixed adhesive. Finally, place rocks, and larger items in position first, then sprinkle flocking or artificial grass on top of remaining areas. After the initial cure has occurred in 4-6 hours, it is safe to vacuum the excess materials off the scene. In 24 hours the styrofoam will be rock hard and everything will be permanently locked into position.

The Model Diorama Adhesive is available in:
Quart Units
Gallon Units
2 Gallon Units

Product Uses: This product is used in the creation of hobby habitat scenes or dioramas.

For more information, guidance regarding product application or cure time with a particular project, please call a representative at 1.800.888.2467 or simply fill out our contact form on the contact page.
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