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The Mass Component
by: Erik Steinbring

Continuing the discussion from the last BLOG post we will discuss the effect of mass with industrial epoxy adhesives.   Epoxy system curing occurs by a catalytic reaction. With any catalytic chemical reaction heat is created as a result.   Knowing this as well as the effects of the ambient temperature we can control the rate of the reaction more effectively.

If one mixes the two component system and leaves the mixed material in a large pile the material will cure faster than if it is spread out in thin film. The large bulk pile has the ability to create and maintain more heat or temperature than the thin film thus accelerating the curing process. Now if we take this into consideration when gluing, if one was to repair a joint on a chair. If the joint is wide and gaping it will require more material to fill the joint or void, expected a faster cure time opposed to a joint that is tight and a thin film is required.

Hopefully this information will help when it is summer time and the industrial adhesive you mixed up cures faster than expected, or in the winter when it appears that is it taking forever.

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