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Proper Mixing and Tips
by Erik Steinbring

When using Epo-Grip Industrial paste epoxy adhesives it is very important to not only mix the proper ratios but also induct the material correctly. Improper induction will yield inconsistent results, often with hard and soft spots in the batch mix.

When mixing epoxy paste materials due to the high viscosity of the material it is hard to mix these products in a cup or vessel of some sort.   At Newton Supply Co. Inc, we recommend the use of a rigid flat surface to mix our paste epoxy adhesives on. A simple piece of cardboard works very well and is usually easy to locate. When on the go a small legal pad also works well. Once the mix is done and the material is applied you can toss the mixing board. If using the legal pad, peel off the top sheet, below is a fresh new clean surface to mix on for the next application. Both of these items are inexpensive and readily available.

Most folks like to use popsicle sticks to mix with and they are a cheap effective way. We recommend a Stainless Palette knife with a goose neck handle. These tools will give a lifetime of service. The spring steel blade construction makes mixing much easier and also the handle keeps your hands out of the material. After you mix your batch just wipe the blade off with a paper towel to clean it. Should material ever harden on the blade, just take a sharp razor knife and scrape the blade clean.

When we mix these high viscosity industrial adhesives it is important that one does not just swirl the two components into each other. The process of lifting and folding the material into itself will yield a better mix in a shorter amount of time. Taking extra care to make sure that all of the material is being mixed in, even the outer edges which often get neglected. A small mix batch for most repairs should not take more than 30 seconds to induct. When mixing we want to insure consistent color and texture throughout the mix.

By using these few mixing tips one can pretty much rest assure that they will get consistent predictable results every time.  

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