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Winter is upon us!
by: Erik Steinbring

It is that time of the year when we watch the mercury fall.  As that is occurring remember  your epoxy products are not overly fond of the drop in temperature.  Cure times are established using the industry standard  of 77 F degrees with a majority of the cures going dormant if the ambient temperature is 55 F and below.

So if it is cold in your shop and you are asking  " Why isn't my epoxy curing?"  or " Why is it taking forever for my epoxy to cure?"  most of the time the ambient  temperature is the culprit.  There are solutions to this problem.  Store your materials in a temperature controlled environment,  warm the material prior to mixing, use a heat lamp or hair drier to raise the temperature in the area being bonded or repaired, or better yet warm the workshop well in advance.    By doing one or two of these simple things a lot of frustration can be remedied.

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