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SS Palette Knife

Stainless steel palette knives make mixing epoxies quick and easy. These knives will provide years of service. Should...


Scratch Magic

Product Uses: Used in the repair of exterior cracks, scratches and gouges in fiberglass and ABS boat hulls.


Pastel Chalk Set

Our assorted Pastel Chalks can be shaved down with a palette knife or a razor, then mixed into Epo-Grip products to...


Model Matrix

Product Uses: With its built in fiber reinforcement this product is excellent for: composite craft builds, fiberglass...


Model Diorama Adhesive

Product Uses: This product is used in the creation of hobby habitat scenes or dioramas.


Epo-Grip Sampler and Hobby Kits

“More Bang For your Buck!” The Epo-Grip Hobby Kit and Sampler is  comprised of one unit of the Clear Paste, #30 Paste...


Clear Paste

Product Uses: With its fast semi sag cure it is excellent for: craft building, filets, manufacturing or repairing...


#30 Paste

Product Uses: With its slow cure and no sag properties it is excellent for: precision gluing, reinforcing firewalls,...


#30 Liquid

A slow curing multi-purpose epoxy resin that is excellent for laminating wood, metal, laying fiberglass cloth, and...


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