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#30 Paste

A slow setting paste used for precision high strength gluing and can be worked without sag in both vertical and inverted applications. Excellent for hardware attachment and bonding applications where time is needed or multiple joints must be aligned or positioned.
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Description Epo-Grip #30 Paste is an opalescent, light paste , epoxy resin adhesive for low temperature industrial bonding applications where high strength and minimum shrinkage are required. This versatile two component formulation is easily mixed and used at room temperature. Initial cure occurs in 3-4 hours at 77 degrees F. This product also does not run or sag when used in vertical and inverted applications.   Excellent for applications where extra time is required or multiple joints or repairs need to be aligned. ie: Chair knock down and reconstruction. 

Epo-grip #30 Paste develops strong, tough bonds to metals, phenolic plastics, epoxy laminates, glass and glass fabrics, rubber, hardwoods and other forestry products, ceramics, masonry materials and other construction materials. When fully cured, it is durable, excellent electrical insulator and also provides superior resistance to vapors and gases, water, weather, galvanic action, petroleum fuels and lubricants, alcohol, salt solutions, acids and alkalis, as well as many other organic and inorganic compounds.

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