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What Taxidermists Are Saying About Epo-Grip

The Magic of Fin Magic !
krane“As a professional Taxidermist and a World renowned Instructor, I always am in pursuit for versatile and superior products. It is a given that each and every taxidermist out there, be it full or part time, has a short list of ‘must haves.’ One of the top of the items on my list for the shop and the school is Epo-Grip’s Fin Magic!!! If a product is not cost effective, proven reliable or more importantly versatile it will not and is not welcome in my world! I have and do get solicitation weekly from vendors in the industry and when the good folks at Epo-Grip called me over to see their products at a show I was a Judge at I was eager and apprehensive at the same time. This was several years ago and today I will profess I must have this product in my shop! From a cost perspective if Fin Magic was used only as a industrial strength 5 min epoxy, the cost benefits from the 2 part plunger tubes would sell it self hands down.

From versatility stand point from making fins, attaching parts, to rebuilding tissue in less then 10 minutes – how can some thing that makes you money in time and reliability be a product you can not afford? Consistency and reliability wrapped in quality is the key to great taxidermy and so is it with Fin Magic! Feel free to contact me for the many uses I have discovered with Fin Magic!”

My Best!
Rick Krane | Anglers Artisty
312 Chesterfield Road, Hinsdale, New Hampshire 03451
Office: 603-336-7296 | Web: www.anglersartistry.com

After doing taxidermy work for 40 years...someone finally came up with a glue that does exactly as he says. ... As far as I am concerned, $99.00 is pretty cheap. African game is probably some the hardest game to mount...to me it is more likely to drum than anything else...but this stuff works.  ... Give this stuff a shot...what can it hurt...you've all tried everything else...just like me...give it a shot.

- Ken Wampner

The use of Epo Grip products are so numerous it's hard to list everything.  We have used these products from taxidermy to commercial house hold repairs.  I was first introduced to a product 18 years ago called rigid fin epoxy sold by a major taxidermy supply. This product lead me to seek out the maker. 15 yrs after the fact I just happen to meet the inventor at a taxidermy show.  This has been a very rewarding friendship as well as rewarding to use his products. We always looking for newer ideas as well as new ways to better the taxidermy field. Steve has given the industry a new approach to epoxy use. Also, when you need assistance he is right there to help you and with all your questions. Thumbs up to you Steve & The Epo Grip Team!!!

- Ben Haden Taxidermist

When the subject of adhesives comes up in conversation with other taxidermists, the name EpoGrip is the standard by which all others are now compared. With its superior strength, smooth texture, and forgiving mixeing ratio, any comparison with other brands seems pointless. Choosing any 2 part epoxy other than EpoGrip is choosing second best.

- Bill Yox

The Epo-Grip line of adhesives and cleaners from Newton Supply is without equal in the taxidermy industry. In what's going on a half century in this business, taxidermists were always having to "make do" with generic, multi-purpose products. This time, Steve Steinbring contacted us and asked what WE needed to make our work easier. Products were specifically designed using extensive field testing under actual taxidermy situations to produce products with us in mind. Thanks to this innovative approach, we now have adhesives and soap that target our work and we no longer have to borrow from other industries. When any taxidermist wants a quality product that was manufactured for us, they only need to know the name Epo-Grip.

- George Roof

What Hobbyists Are Saying About Epo-Grip

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